How It Works -

Design-Your-Own Luminaries

Our design-your-own luminaries were originated specifically to accommodate Relay For Life events.  The idea is to give participants the opportunity to make their customized luminaries on our permanent polymer luminaries, instead of the original paper luminaries, so they can be kept as a keepsake item for use and admiration after the event at home.

What Is Included In Each Design-Your-Own Kit

Each design-your-own luminary kit will include the customized luminary, 1 luminary stake, 1 LED electric tea light, 1 single-socket C7 electric light string, and 1 real candle holder with 2 real candles. We want you to have all our current lighting possibilities. This gives you nice options, for example, you may want to use a real candle for a special occasion, like your loved-one's birthday and the rest of the time use the light string to use your keepsake in your house all year.

Raising Funds For Relay For Life

The added benefit of purchasing your very own design-your-own luminary is the contribution we will make on your behalf to your local chapter.  $25.00 of your original purchase price (per design-your-own luminary) will be passed on to the Relay For Life chapter you designate when you register on our website.  That is a contribution of more than 50% of your purchase price! 

Funds Directed To Your Chapter

When you register on our website, you have the opportunity to give us your Relay For Life chapter information, even down to Event Team and Event Participant (so those participants will be properly credited with your contribution).

Ordering For Your Event

Also while you are registering, you are given the option to count your order towards the upcoming event of your chapter, or you can have your order directly mailed to you now.  All orders for upcoming events are held with us until the appropriate ship date of your chapter's event.  We coordinate a bulk shipment of all customized luminaries directly to the chapter right before their event.  So you will experience your luminary for the first time at the event.  After participation in the event, you will collect your luminary (and options that go with it) to take home.  Because we ship these in bulk, NO SHIPPING CHARGES are applied to your order when ordering.  Shipping charges will apply to all orders not going in the bulk shipment to your chapter.  If you decide to order at another time and you wish to change your current status from "Purchase for Luminary Event" to "Purchase for non-Luminary Event" (or vice-versa) please contact us by email so we can change your account.  This is common for visitors to want to have their event luminary sent to the event, and then later perhaps order additional luminaries for themselves or family members not attending the event. 

Relay Event Luminary Products

Our Relay Event Luminary Products are bulk offerings available to order by Relay For Life chapters and American Cancer Society members and affiliates.  These are luminaries without a printed design and are typically used at luminary events to add luminary magic!  Groups often spell words and make designs (like purple ribbons) to enhance this special evening.  Our luminaries have been produced since 2001, and are the highest-grade luminary on the market today.  We offer a 10-year Luminary Warranty on all our luminaries.  Typically, luminaries last well over a decade if taken proper care of, stored properly, and used specifically for events.  Purchase of these products does not fall into the contribution category and are given big discounts for quantity purchases.  Visit individual product pages to learn about discount pricing.

Custom-printed Bulk Luminaries

Relay Luminaries can also print bulk quantities of any specific design, on just about any color of luminary imaginable.  We can perform PMS color matching to produce your desired specific luminary color.  Contact us with your details and we will formalize a quote for you.

Transparent View For Chapters

Chapters and organizations who participate in our program are given periodic payments and spreadsheets indicating all orders received by us where a credit payment is due. This financial structure helps keep everyone accountable to make sure all orders can be properly tracked along with subsequent payments and contributions.

Contact Information

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